There is no quick fix

We all know that life is not about quick fixes, regardless of our patience or lack thereof.

I have seen some controversy about how a product I use and share is just a “quick fix” for those who are too lazy to eat a healthy diet and exercise.

Well, let me share my story.

I started the Paleo diet for health reasons when my daughter was six months old in January of 2013. I had lost all my baby weight and was at my pre-pregnancy weight of 130 thanks to great tips from I was generally happy with my physical appearance but I felt awful all the time—exhausted, anxious and in pain after every meal. I started following the Paleo lifestyle and exercising a few times a week, and by April of 2013 I had lost 12 pounds and felt amazing!

I had some extra skin on my stomach that wasn’t going anywhere despite my extremely healthy diet and exercise regimen. Like most mamas, I thought I was stuck with it and had resigned to wearing “Spanx” for the rest of my life on those special occasions. And honestly, I was okay with that. I didn’t “hate my body” or think I was “broken.” Would it be nice to see the abs hiding under all that extra skin? Sure!

I saw a friend’s results from the Ultimate Body Applicator and thought, “Cool! This would be amazing, even if it only “worked” for a couple hours and allowed me to not have to ever wear spanx again!” At the time I had no idea it would actually work a lot longer than a few hours!

I never thought I was being targeted, bullied, or shamed because of my post-baby body.

I never felt broken or less than because of the post I saw.

I just thought, “Cool! I bet all my friends would love this product!”

And I was right!

I am not here to “fix” anyone or anything. I am here to offer help and hope. This is not a quick fix, miracle, magical solution. This is a product that heals the skin and helps people along their journey.

I didn’t need a wrap to feel good about myself, and neither do you. Will it help? Maybe! Is it awesome? Yes! Is it okay to want to look sexy and feel confident? Of course! It does not make you vain or selfish to do so.

We all have things we want help with from our hair, to our skin, to our digestion. If we didn’t we would never go shopping, never get our hair done, never wear make-up, and never worry about diet or exercise.

I pray that my heart will be shown through my words and actions as I continue using these products and helping others to do the same. Much love!

my results from one wrap

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