Giving Back: Valley YoungLives

me and momI have a heart for teen moms because I was born to a teenage mother in May of 1981. My mother was just fifteen when she became pregnant and made the courageous decision to have a child. She and my father just celebrated their 34th year of marriage and have taught me so much about love, acceptance and possibility. After turning 18 and heading to college my mother shared more of her story and it broke my heart. I knew from then on I wanted to do something to give back to teen moms–to let them know that they could still accomplish their dreams, and be successful role models for their children. In college I did an internship at a Maternal and Infant Education Center for high school girls and loved it. As life went on I prayed for ways to do more, but it wasn’t until I heard Emily Lassiter speak at the annual Young Life banquet that I found the place—Valley YoungLives. I had been growing in my faith and had been given more freedom with my new business so the time was right for me to join their team!

So, what exactly is YoungLives?

More than 20 years ago, Young Life answered God’s call to run headfirst into the chaos of teenage motherhood with the hope of Jesus … and YoungLives was born.

YoungLives has never wavered from the original vision to reach teen moms by entering their world, modeling the unconditional love of Christ, and encouraging them to become the women and mothers God created them to be. Through Young Life’s time-tested methods and life-on-life mentoring, teen moms are empowered to make positive choices, set and achieve goals, and live a future rooted in Christ.

There are many ways to get involved: mentor, committee member, financial partner, childcare volunteer and so much more. There is a place for YOU in YoungLives!

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Holding their Dream Boards from our Life Skills + Parenting class.
Holding their Dream Boards from our Life Skills + Parenting class.