Coaching Testimonials

Wellness Testimonials:

“I just had to write you.  I’ve been having a really hard couple of months.  Nothing earth shattering, just life stuff…stressing too much over work, trying (unsuccessfully) to get pregnant, wishing I had more time for my family and friends, expecting myself to be perfect.  I just finished reading your “Make it Beautiful Monday” post and it really spoke to me.  I broke down into tears as I read…really heart-wrenching, cleansing tears. You reminded me – at just the moment I really needed the reminder -that peace is attainable at any moment, no matter your troubles. So…thank you.  I thought you should know that your act of sharing brought a little calm to my heart today.”

“We are the same person.I just read your blog entry.just rang home.  I have been fighting my “perfection monster” lately…REAL bad.  And the holidays are just like…making it so much worse.  Christmas cards & decorations & presents oh my.  Give me some wine.  Thanks for writing about it and once again making me feel like I am not the only person that does this and reminding me to think of myself as perfect as that lil babe.  You are really helping a lot of people more than you know.”

“Hey – awesome article on your blog. It’s really amazing how you feel so confident to put your heart out there. Inspirational :)…Stay positive and happy – you are and have always been one of the most unique/spirited people I have known!”

“I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I have been reading it everyday and might just get brave enough to try the whole journal thing:) Your words are not only inspiring but very meaningful to many questions I ask myself everyday! You’re very gifted and I think you should publish a book….just saying!! I hope to experience my journey w/o meds as well at some point!”

“I just enjoyed reading your blog and it really hit home for me. Way to go for being able to verbalize your thoughts and feelings so well. My husband and I recently had a conversation about being content in the moment. It’s hard training ourselves to change old habits but with a new baby (as I’m sure you know) your whole perspective on life changes…. your past, present and future priorities and plans. It’s unreal and I’m still adapting to letting the coffee table get dusty every now and then and not looking my best in the latest fashions because that’s not what really gives me that happiness. It’s realizing the blessings around us. Thanks again for sharing.”
“I have been meaning to write you a message for quite a while, and today’s post finally did me in. I just want to thank you for the true honesty with which you write. I think as working women, most of us feel this struggle…Your blog lets me know that I am not alone. Again, thank you!”
“I read a story from the “This I Believe” series recently that I try to think about often. I cannot recall the name of the essay. But essentially it was about a gentleman’s rocking chair test. I know that this is easier said than done, but think about when you and Ben are sitting in your rocking chairs retired. Are you going to wish you spent more time keeping a clean house, going to the grocery store, etc? I know it’s not easy to let go of the expectations that we set for ourselves.”

“I have not started journaling, but you have inspired me to at least think about it. Thank you again for sharing your story. It let’s us know that we are not alone.”

“…Sincerely, I look forward to reading your blogs daily. I love that you are always open and honest.  A lot of times you say what I can’t or simply afraid of.  Your last post amazes me.   Be proud of yourself for being so brave.  I would tell you to be strong but, I think your post proves how tough you are.   Much Love.”

“Again, I can’t thank you enough for being so open and honest on your blog.  Your bravery astounds me.  So many women are afraid to talk about the pain sorrow of losing a pregnancy, including myself..You are an incredibly strong woman.  We often don’t know how strong we are until we are left with no choice.  Love your baby, and your husband, and your dog, knowing that the time will come when you will be blessed with another child at the perfect time, God’s time. Again, thank you so much for your beautiful writing.”

“Hi love, I wanted to tell you how beautiful your words are and how brave you are and how much I appreciate when I get to see into your life.  love love love.”

“Your courage, resilience and optimism are so admirable. You have such a beautiful gift of writing and I know all appreciate you sharing your story. I know God will continue to bless your family and work in the most mysterious ways.”

“Thanks for your message today. I think we might be kindred spirits. As you know, I struggle with perfectionism myself. It is a hard struggle, to be everything all the time. I am getting better at it though. 🙂 It’s nice to know that someone else struggles with this as well. Your “life is broken” reference really places things into perspective. I by no means think my life is broken, but perfectionism is just that belief. I can remember when I used to think of perfectionism in a positive way. Ha. My thought process on this idea has definitely matured over the years.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I needed that message about perfectionism. Keep writing and sharing you are doing a beautiful job.”

Health Testimonials:

“You’re just awesome! So helpful!! Thank you! I can tell you really enjoy this, that’s why I keep seeking your advice!”