Choosing ‘and’

At a women’s retreat a few years ago the idea of “choosing and” was a topic. and with the pandemic, the concept of “both/and” has been everywhere. For someone who is very black or white, and all or nothing, the concept of “both/and” is such a relief for me! It turns out the “and” is fertile soil for grace to spring up. It gives us, and others, permission to fail and to live in the paradox of a situation.

Something can be BOTH good AND bad.

BOTH sad AND happy.

Some meditations we heard at that women’s retreat have stuck with me:

-Today won’t be as good as I hope.

-This is not as bad as I think it is.

-Brokenness is an adult reallity

-Wholeness rises from brokenness.

-God chose you to live out your mess publicly to help others.

And my favorite:

Everyone and everything and every day is good AND bad.

Perhaps the most important thing I could be doing right now is living in the present moment and not just the ideal of what it could be.

I invite you to make your own list of “both/and” meditations.

Listen to more of the “both/and” concept in the context of 2nd Corinthians, 6:10 in this podcast from Bridgetown Church.

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