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IMG_6363I am so glad you are here! I am Priscilla and my mission is to empower other women to find hope and freedom through my two passions—coaching others in their health and their businesses and ministering to teen moms and their babies.

I am the oldest of four, born in Northern VA to high school sweethearts. My father taught me how to hustle, and pitch a softball and my mother taught me to see potential and beauty in all things. This lead me to a small, liberal arts school (Roanoke College) where I played softball and majored in English, hoping to “change the world” as a teacher. There I met my love, a strapping basketball player who shared his french fries with me in the dining hall, and prayed before his meals. After graduation I did my student teaching through the Department of Defense at a tiny school in Vilseck, Germany, and traveled Europe for four months. I came back to VA in 2004, and settled into life as a wife and teacher, while doing some pitching coaching on the side, studying Journal Therapy, and praying for lots of little blonde babies. I spent seven years as a middle and high school teacher, and once the babies came, my “dream job” went from teaching to being able to stay home with my girls while also spending more time doing the things I loved–writing, sharing and connecting with others. I worked as a blogger and Marketing Director for a local business and then suddenly and out of nowhere fell in love with Network Marketing.

I currently run a successful home-based business as a health and wellness coach with the company, It Works Global. In this profession I have found a way to use all of my past skills from teaching, coaching and marketing to make the money I deserve and help the most people! This business has been the vehicle to give me the financial freedom to pursue my dreams and the dreams of others. One of the ways I can do that is by volunteering with Valley YoungLives, a program that helps to empower and minister to teen moms and their children. I was born to a teenage mother and feel very passionately about helping other young moms to graduate high school, and go on to achieve all the goals they have for themselves and their children.

I have a passion for giving hope to those who feel hopeless and believe that we all deserve to live a life of physical, spiritual and financial freedom!



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