30-Day Paleo Challenge: Before

Begining Weight I am so excited to begin a 30-Day Paleo Challenge tomorrow along with over 75 other friends! I did the Paleo diet in January 2013 and never felt better, but over time I have fallen off the bandwagon and think it’s time to get back on! My nutritionist believes it’s the best diet/lifestyle for me because of my history with adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression. I hope to do weekly updates to track my progress. Here is what I will be tracking if you’d like to join in and follow along!

1. Weight: 132.2

2. Pictures (see below)

3. Sleep: I currently sleep pretty well, about an average of 7 hours a night. I have a very hard time getting up in the morning. I find I have most energy later at night.

4. Energy level: I have been utterly exhausted lately. I am not sure if it’s a result of poor diet, running out of my vitamins and nutmeg essential oil (for adrenal fatigue), or just being busy, but something has got to change! I can’t get through the day without a nap.

5. Stomach/digestion: I very rarely get stomach cramps (probably thanks to my probiotics) but I still feel bloated and gassy after most meals.

6. Monthly cycle/PMS: Monthly cycle averages 26 days, generally have a really bad day about a week before with extreme irritability. Mild cramps the day before.

7. Skin/acne/rashes/bumps: Nothing out of the ordinary, some acne if I don’t wash my face at night!

8. Congestion/sinuses/allergies: Nothing noticeable.

9. Anxiety levels: Anxiety is average to moderate on some occasions.

10. Happiness levels: I feel generally happy but EXHAUSTED, which makes it kind of hard to enjoy things.

11. Strength level: I currently feel pretty weak. I have not exercised regularly for months. Hope to add in three workouts a week.

12. Relationship with food: I currently feel like I am pretty attached to certain foods for comfort and convenience….mainly fast food and eating out. I hate eating at home. This is bad. And hard.

13. Overall sickness/disease: I am not struggling with any overall sicknesses or diseases. I still feel like I have not overcome my adrenal fatigue and hope that with diet, exercise and the correct supplements I can feel my best!

Wish me luck!


My skinniest skinny jeans!
My Skinniest Skinny Jeans!
bathing suit before Collage
My bathing suit before


I'd love to fit comfortably into these pants again!
I’d love to fit comfortably into these pants again!

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