Support the 5th Annual Valley Young Life 5K Run/Walk!

I am so exited to announce that our family is participating in the 5th annual Valley Young Life’s 5K Run/Walk! We are joining a team of our Valley YoungLives leaders to raise money to support our ministry here in the Valley!

Each person on a team is looking to find 10 to 20 sponsors to support a minimum of $10-20 dollars each as they run/walk the Valley 5k.

Would you consider supporting us in Valley Young Life 5K Run/Walk?

Your sponsorship will allow for TWO of our girls to go on our camp trip this summer! This is a life-changing trip that will involve bringing our ladies closer to the Lord.

Click on this link to get more information and to give to my team for the Valley Young Life 5k!

Thank you for your time and support!

PS—If you are interested in creating YOUR OWN team…here is more info!

We are looking for adults to join a team of 4-6 adults in the area who will help raise money to support the ministry of Young Life here in the Valley. The idea is each person on a team is looking to find 10 to 20 sponsors to support a minimum of $10-20 dollars each as you run/walk the Valley 5k. We have a way for people to give online which we can give you to e-mail potential sponsors. That link is also how you can register as a Captain or a Team Member. Below is that link:

Your fundraising team will be eligible for prize packages! The teams who fundraises the most will receive a premium prize package!

How to use that link:
-Click on the yellow button “Participate”
-Under “How would you like to participate” click “Register as a CAPTAIN” (anyone else on your team can register as a Walker/Runner and put select your team/church name)
-Give potential sponsors the link above and have them click the yellow button “Give” and to fill out the necessary information. For them to officially give, it will redirect them to a specific 5K giving link with Valley Young Life.

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