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Confianza: Anti-stress Formula

“I don’t know if its the Confianza, but I feel so much better and am eating and exercising and sleeping again! I really feel a difference and am meal planning and mostly clean eating. Cut out soda and fast food. Feel so much better about things! I had no motivation before I started taking it.My hubby has commented on me being happier and not as stressed and you can see a difference in our home. More organized. I just feel like I have clarity and the drive to care again.” –Loyal Customer, Emily

“I was on prozac for years for stress induced headaches and high bp, been taking Confianza and drinking Greens since middle of August and my Dr. took me off prozac. I have never felt better! Not as many migraines (used to have at least 3-4 a week, now since August maybe 2 or 3), my BP is lower than ever before, and I am sleeping better without crazy dreams/nightmares!” –Anna

“I have been with It Works for a little over a year now and I love our products. They make me feel amazing and have helped me get healthier. There is one product I have always been hesitant to try… Confianza.

My entire life I have struggled with ADD and depression. I took Ritalin for year (in elementary school) and hated the way it made me feel so my parents took me off of it. I learned to cope with it. I altered how I did things and learned how to focus on what I was doing. In high school the depression really started to set in. Again I learned to deal with it because I didn’t want anyone to know.

After I had my son 5 years ago I noticed everything getting worse. My ADD became harder to control and i went through Postpartum Depression really bad and did not want to take meds since I was nursing the first year (after 2 years things started to get better). Again I started to cope with everything. When I started working with It Works I heard people talking about Confianza but I thought that my symptoms were too severe that it would not work for me. So I kept coping. A week ago I was at a team training and after talking to my teammates I decided to go ahead and try it. HOLY COW! I have been taking Confianza for almost a week now and I have not felt this good in a while. I feel like I can think. I am not as stressed as I was before. I don’t get frustrated like I did before. I have had some of the most creative ideas that I have in a long time. I am more productive. I am not as bored at work, I am happy….. the list goes on.

I am in love with this supplement and it has now been added to my daily greens. Thank you It Works for making me feel like a real person again!” –Meredith

“I am on edge all the time and cannot wait until I can take Confianza again after this baby comes!!” –Kelly

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Greens: Alkalize, Balance + Detoxify

“What?!?!!! IT WORKS! After the cancer struggle I was searching for a way to help get my ph level where it needed to be. Very important to keep cancer away. I found this product and decided to try it for three months. What I found is….I have ENERGY again. I sleep at night now with no problem. Two things you should have problems with when you don’t have a thyroid. My blood work is coming back perfect! Been released from the doctor till April when I go finish up the original cancer treatment hupla. Originally was to get blood checked every four weeks for a year…doctors visit every three months. Released until April :) just talked to the doctor this evening. She called to ask if I was doing something that would strengthen my ph. I was shocked she could tell but very pleased. I wasn’t asked to write this but felt the need to share after the doctor confirmed my ph level. Only my closest friends even knew I was drinking it. Thank you! It works for me! (Also as always…thanks to all my prayer warriors).” –Nanette 

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