Paleo Diet, Day 3: No Sugar Tonight

Here’s a quick summary of Day 3. I’m trying to decide if Sunday is going to be my “cheat day” because we typically eat out after church, and always have a big “Potluck” style meal with my husband’s family for dinner.

Breakfast: Banana and trail mix of almonds, walnuts and craisins

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I felt pretty good and snacked on this little mix all through church and Sunday school.

Lunch: El Charro, Mexican Restaurant. I caved and ate some chips and salsa, but not much because the salsa was too darn hot. I ordered chicken fajitas with grilled pepper and onions. I ate some of the rice and beans on the side, which may have been a bad idea! I had unsweet tea with lots of lemon to drink.

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I loved the chicken and veggies and felt very full afterward. This is the second time eating rice has given me a bad reaction, though. As soon as I got home it was run to the bathroom time 🙁

Dinner: Potluck Style–Grilled chicken + veggies sautéed with lemon juice, lemon pepper, garlic, olive oil and vinegar. Beef Stew with vegetables and white potatoes, Sausage Soup with tomatoes, and veggies. A few bites of warm chicken salad, and one bite of a queso dip. Sweet tea (gasp!!).

Thoughts/Feelings/Observations: I know Sundays are going to be hard for me.  It can be SO hard to turn down some of my old favorites but I’m quickly realizing that it’s just not worth it when I feel horribly afterward. Tonight the biggest reaction I had was from the sweet tea. As soon as we got in the car to leave I felt shaky, nervous and anxious. I felt like that sugar was just pulsing through me. NOT a good feeling. It’s so interesting to be more aware of what I’m putting into my body and how it affects my mood. It seems like sugar really does have a bad effect on me!

And now all I can think of is…”No Sugar Tonight in My Coffee! No Sugar Tonight in My Tea!”




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