Here’s my heart…

Last Sunday was a special dedication service at church after finishing a very long building renovation process. I took notes on the back of the bulletin as I was inspired by our preacher’s words about home, family and love. I am also inspired by mixed media art and had some of my photojournalism students help me to take my notes and form them into this design below. We took some of the typed words out and imposed a photo of my home into the background.
I also tried one with a photo of Jesus taken at my parent’s home.
And another with our newly renovated church in the background:
(Next time I’d like to try it three dimensionally, rather than on the computer, but I will have to add that to my growing list of creative projects I want to start, along with making jewelry from my vintage collection, making headbands for mommies, and making more decorative things out of my old window panes. If I type them then hopefully it will remind me to do them soon).
All of the words are spoken from our pastor and when you put them together in poetic form, it may speak to you in your own way.
equals promise
put it into motion
what’s your winding staircase?
something you want that may not
“meet code”
how do you make it work
do you love me?
yes, i love you
one thing never changed
it was always our home
may your eyes be open day and night
as family
it’s home because of the 
people who have lived there
gathered in love
this is our story
more welcoming
entirety of who we are
history repeats itself
safely to arrive at home
follow me
yes, i love you
here’s my heart
oh, take and seal it
One of my favorite things I wrote was a line from “Come Thou Font” which we sang during the service.
“Here’s my heart, Oh! Take and seal it, seal it for thy courts above…”
That line has always spoken to me and I just love the thought of my heart being sealed away…and “tuned to sing thy grace.” Beautiful words!
Do any of the lines speak to you? Here are some possible journal topics.
1. Our pastor spoke about a winding staircase his mother just had to have when renovating, though it was very impractical for their budget and home. Do you have a “winding staircase” or something in your life that you want, no matter if it “meets code” or not? What makes you want it so badly and how do you make it work even if it’s not practical?
2. What makes your house a home?
3. Who or what do you give your heart to?

I encourage you to create your own mixed media collage using photos, words, and other artifacts that are meaningful to you. Feel free to share them!

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