Hey, It’s OK…#6 + So, Is It OK…? #1

Hey, It’s OK….

…to choose french fries over those last few pounds. 

…to rub acne “spot” treatment all over my entire chin….or face.

…to not exactly know the rules on preposition placement in sentences.

…to try to be the bigger person…and fail. Miserably.

…to take notes during Oprah’s LifeClass.

While I am pretty confident the above things are “a-okay,” sometimes I am still left wondering if certain things really are okay…I mean, not everything can be okay, all the time, can it? If so, we’d live in a world with travesties such as camel toe running rampant.

Thus, welcome to my first segment of “So, Is It OK…? and let me know what you think about the current predicaments I am in…

So, Is It OK….?

…to let my child carry around a toothbrush all day? (Couldn’t she hurt herself?)

…to wear leggings with a shirt that doesn’t cover your bum? (I would say no, but I sure do see a lot of college girls in this get up: black leggings, short sweatshirts and UGGS. I think I should stage a protest).

…to use Sweet Tea/Diet Pepsi/any-form-of-caffeine to get through the day? (Is two Diet Pepsi’s a day kosher?)

…to count veggie straws and fruit snacks as AJH’s fruit and vegetable intake for the day? (I always try the real thing first, and sometimes it just doesn’t work!)

So, what do you think?
PS–The special childhood version of “Hey, It’s OK…” is still coming soon…

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