Happy Day

 Today is not just St. Patrick’s Day…

(Yes, I am one of THOSE moms that buys photo props for every holiday…

…and, no she wasn’t having it!)
…It’s also Clara’s first birthday!!
Happy Birthday, Clara!
During our fund raising time, which was only two short months, $1,430 was raised for  Sophie and Clara and it wouldn’t have been possible without your support! Please keep these girls on your mind and continue helping them any way you can. Pray for their adoption. They may not be on my blog every day, but they are not going anywhere. We will go on with our daily lives and they will remain in an orphanage until their forever family steps up to bring them home. They both need medical attention and the longer they are kept there, the more sick they will become. They need us and if you feel it in your heart, please pass on their story and continue to support them!
The winner of our massage giveaway is Michelle Weaver. Please send your address to makeitbeautifultoo@gmail.com and I will mail your massage voucher!
Thanks again for all of your help and support for Sophie and Clara during the past few months. I will keep you updated on their story as it unfolds.
I hope and pray that they feel our love.

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