Momma Mojo

What exactly is “momma mojo?”

How do we lose it, and more importantly, how do we get it back?!

I’ve never been a big fan of the word “mojo” but in this case it just seems to fit.

To me, mojo is that extra pep in your step. It’s feeling good about yourself. It’s a fresh pedicure, bright pink blush, and chartreuse skinny jeans. 

We can lose our mojo when we have a baby. Many of us spend at least six weeks in a hole of colic-induced crying fits, spit-up stained shirts, sleepless nights, painful pumping and nursing tank tops. Soon enough we realize something’s gotta give.

We need to feel like ourselves again.

We need our momma mojo back.

For me that involves the following:

1. Losing the muffin-top. (Yes, shi* just got real.)

I may or may not have googled, “Fastest way to lose a muffin top.” All the infomercials I’ve watched during late night feeding sessions have tempted me to buy all (but not limited to): Insanity, Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis, and Total Fitness. I am not going to delve into a weight conversation here. It’s not about weight or size. It’s about feeling happy in your own skin, and I don’t care what size I wear, or what I weigh, seeing a muffin top ruin every pair of pants I own is not fun anymore. I will feel so much better when I can go back to wearing my old jeans, sans muffin top.

2. Writing/blogging every day. I realized long ago that I need to write and connect with others to feel like “me.” When I start losing “me” I become unhappy momma, or momma without mojo, and that is not good. For anybody.

3. Exercising. (See # 1). Like writing, I know that exercise is good for me. It makes me feel better. It releases stress, and anxiety, and endorphins and helps me feel better about myself. Yet, like so many others, I don’t make it a priority. UNTIL NOW! Sunday evening I decided after a nine-year hiatus that I was going to take up running again. I made it about 1.5 miles in 15 minutes and it felt GOOD. So good, that I did t again the next day. It was nice to have alone time, with no one needing me. The air was crisp and refreshing. Life seemed pretty perfect against the backdrop of Phillip Phillips singing “Home.” I had a few zen E.LE. moments, feeling love for even the gothic-dressed teenagers that snickered as I passed. Today I walked 3 miles and tomorrow I plan on running again. Thursday is yoga day.

It feels good to have a plan, to breathe deeper, to connect with my body– muffin top and all.

I will keep you updated on this journey to momma mojo-hood, and encourage you other momma’s out there to do the same.


What has motherhood done to your mojo? How do you plan on getting it back?


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