Fall Fashion…Urban Vintage?

I’m what you call a “stay-at-home-slash-work-at-home-mom.” I try to fit a full-time job as a Marketing and Social Media director for a local jewelry store into two days of work from home while the kids go to a babysitter. On those days I try wear what I call “real clothes,” especially if I’m going to be out in public. Real Clothes=not yoga pants. Because my size has fluctuated post-baby I had to buy a few pair of new pants (including these) and have been pretty excited about trying them out.  After almost a year of maternity clothes, it’s kind of nice wearing things that don’t involve some sort of stretch (sometimes 😉 )

This morning I came out in this outfit and as I was inspecting it in the mirror my hubby said, “Ohh, you’re looking very…urban…vintage today.”


I know he had no idea what urban vintage really meant and was just saying it because he knew I would love it and that it was probably exactly the look I was going for.

And he was right.

Urban vintage is probably somewhat accurate to my style, or at least the style I aim for.

Plus, it reminds me of Urban Cowboy, one of my favorite movies of all time.

So here is my “urban vintage” look. Something casual and comfortable for a day of work and running errands.

Oatmeal tank top, Old Navy

Lace trimmed cardigan, T.J. Maxx

Skinny jeans, Target

Regina Ballet Flat in Cognac, Frye


Do you have a name for your style, or for the style you aim for?


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