Nurture me, Nurture you

This morning I was perusing a new site I am in love with called mamalode. The mamalode mission is to provide a “place where there is room for all of the parts that make you whole. Whether you are working to become a mother, or driving your grandkids’ car pool — you are changed. Motherhood can be very shattering, both from the pressures on the outside and the love from the inside. But there are bits that remain yours– pieces that come from your own childhood, your own adventures and your own growth. They are still there, mixed in with your family, relationships, time, money, health, passions, dreams, work, and creativity. There is room for all that at mamalode. Welcome — every last bit of you.”
Isn’t that exactly what we’re all looking for–a place where we can connect, share,and nurture the stories of our lives?

I found the site from reading one of my absolute favorite blogs, Enjoying the Small Things. I like this blog so much that last nigth I actually dreamed that I was at Kelle’s house, just hanging out with her and our daughters. Sounds crazy, but when you read so personally into someone’s life, it’s like you really know them and I guess that somehow finds its way into your dreams at night.

Anyway, from Kelle’s blog I found Dig this Chick, and from there I found mamalode. Nici from Dig this Chick writes for mamalode in a weekly column called Mama Digs and as I was perusing this morning, this line from her piece called “sweet dreams” really hit the nail on the head for me.

“Motherhood is all about the careful balance between nurturing my children with my whole self and maintaining that whole self so I can nurture.”
Wow! I thought that message might hit home for a lot of you, so I wanted to share. Thanks, Nici, and mamalode for providing a place for mother’s to nurture their whole selves so they can then fully nurture their children.

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