Instant Upload #2

Enjoy our week in “instant upload” fashion….
 Somebody LOVES shoes. I often find her in my closet sitting right in the middle of all of my boots.
 She also loves her wagon. I think it reminds her of being at the beach.
One morning I found her in her baby crib going “night night.”
 This was my getup for The Avett Brothers concert. I was going for the Three’s Company/Dazed and Confused look with my high-waisted flared jeans. Though I’m not sure I pulled it off, it was a fun look and the hubby liked it.
 All I had was my phone at The Avett Brothers concert and this one of  Scott Avett  turned out kind of cool.
 I’m still doing hair feathers! I set up at the FDHS home football game last Friday night and it was a great success.
Here is one of my latest creations…it’s a custom necklace made for a past student to wear to the homecoming dance!
Happy Monday!

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