My “Bachelor” Preview

I am not ashamed to admit that I have REALLY been looking forward to tomorrow night’s Bachelor season premiere. I always love The Bachelor more than The Bachelorette because instead of one female hot mess, you get about 25…which equates to more crying, bigger fights, and cuter clothes.
 If you are at all interested in seeing more, take a look at this promo video for the new season and enjoy my forthcoming commentary.
First of all, I just LOVE it when Ashley tries to sugarcoat it with, “You’re one of the most INTERESTING, funny guys…” during their breakup scene.

Haha, that just gets me every time. #1 thing you DON’T say to someone when you’re dumping them…”You’re just so INTERESTING…”

As for the rest, here are my thoughts:

1. His convertible jeep thing is really cool.

2. Straddling in a mini dress?!

3. “Punch a wall. F*&%# HER. Winning. Go f**&# yourself. I just wanna rip her head off. And verbally assault her.”

4. Holy butt cheeks.

5. The ugly cry is on FIRE.

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Will you be watching Bachelor Monday night?

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2 thoughts on “My “Bachelor” Preview”