Post Christmas Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups

Because of our many Christmas events I haven’t had to make dinner in about a week. While that is super awesome, it also means I haven’t been to the grocery store and our fridge is pretty empty. I had a hankering to cook tonight so I logged on to Pinterest and browsed a few things I had saved on my Beautiful Food board. Fortunately, I had just about everything I needed for these Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups. I randomly had leftover lasagna noodles from the Crock Pot Lasagna I made a few months ago, so I was in luck!

…And it was delicious! I think it will taste even better tomorrow. I didn’t have ricotta cheese on hand so I substituted with a sour cream and cream cheese mixture. The spinach is such a super food that I believe it outweighs the unhealthy stuff!

Have you made any good recipes from Pinterest lately?

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