Spring Cleaning + Weekend Fashion

Every year about this time, while more motivated people are doing real spring cleaning, I’m doing the metaphoric version…in my journal. I love this activity and encourage everyone to participate and let me know how it goes. 
I found it especially interesting to look back on what I wanted to “get rid of” in March of 2009 and was thrilled to see that I have not reneged on my desire to let go of the Bad Girls Club and  Myspace. I am equally glad that I am still keeping Mamaw’s well-stickered envelopes and The Bachelor…both have served me well.
Click here to see my lists for the original post. Make your own list of 50 things to get rid of and 50 things to keep.  Doing so will  help you to realize that maybe “finding your life” isn’t just about clearing the clutter, but also remembering what’s worth keeping.
This morning one of my students also added a third column–things to embrace. How insightful for a junior in high school to realize that some things in life aren’t meant to be let go or held on to…just accepted, acknowledged and embraced.


*Weekend Fashion Parade*
When: Saturday, March 26th
Where:running errands around town
What:Comfortable mommy
Top: floral print thermal shirt from Target, winter 2011
Jacket: (not pictured) Patagonia Retro-X jacket in french roast
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, Dojo shorter inseam wide leg
Shoes: New Balance found at T.J. Maxx, this season, similar to these but in pink
Earrings:fake pearls 

AJH’S outfit
Top: Target
Jeans: Target
Vest: hand-me-down from Baby Gap
Shoes: from Polo outlet


Where: baby shower
What:Mommy heaven
Top:  Merona Collection Tallara top in Bone from Target this season (got mistaken for Anthropologie 🙂
Sweater: Fee people via T.J. Maxx several years ago on clearance for $7
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, Dojo shorter inseam wide leg
Shoes: metallic tiny wedge heel from Target fall 2010
Earrings: ceramic dangles made by Pam Ungar of Cedar Hill Pottery

When: Sunday, March 27th
Where: Our daughter’s birthday party with my side of the family
What: Springy mommy
Top: Old Navy tiered top in blue print
Cardigan: from Ross last summer
Shoes: metallic tiny wedge heel from Target fall 2010
Earrings: yellow rose studs from Rugged Wearhouse

When: Monday, March 28th
Where: Work (teaching high school)
What: “I’m so excited to wear my new tank and cardigan” outfit
Tank Top: Mossimo Supply Co. Long and Lean tank in sapphire flower from Target
Cardigan: Mossimo Supply Co. Boyfriend Cardigan sweater in Just Blush from Target
Pants: Limited dressy khakis via Rugged Wearhouse years ago
Shoes: metallic tiny wedge heel from Target fall 2010
Earrings: found at a yard sale two years ago

So, posting these outfits has made me realize a few things…
1. Those metallic shoes have been a lifesaver! I love that they have the perfect slight heel to help me with all of the pants that are just a little too long to wear with flats. I also love that they match the metallic Coach bag I got from my mother-in-law for Christmas this year. It’s the Mia Leather Convertible Shoulder Bag in gun metal, which I wear as a cross-body purse. It has been a life saver since entering mommy-hood. The color goes with everything, and of course, matches these favorite shoes. Luckily we found it at the Coach outlet and got a great deal!
2. Really nice jeans are SO worth it. Look how many times I’ve already worn my new Dojo’s! The length makes them work casually with tennis shoes but the dark color and sharp pockets dress them up for night time.

3. I am all about some tank tops and cardigans right now. My little sister said I look very “preppy” but I think it’s just more “mommy” and I’m okay with that.

What’s your favorite look right now?

*ps, I am adding a watermark to some of my pictures, not because I think I am THAT cool, but because there are creepy people on the internet!

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