Part of our bedtime routine with AJH is saying our prayers every night. She is starting to know what “pray” means and it’s really cute when she reminds us before we eat to say “prayers” and when she bows her head and puts her hands together at the appropriate time during church. 

Lately some of her prayers have been especially funny…

Two nights ago we asked her if she had anything extra to pray for. She responded with, “B-ball game.” 

We then said, “Are you sure there isn’t anything else you want to pray for?” and she quickly replied, “Basketball.”

I think it’s safe to say this little girl will be having a basketball themed second birthday party in March! If she’s praying about it, we will just have to give it to her!

Tonight we asked the same question and her respective answers were, “Abby. Pray Abby.” (a friend from daycare). And then, “Hokie. Pray Hokie.” (her aunt and uncle’s dog). 

You have to wonder sometimes exactly what is going on in this pretty little head?!

AJH in her “I cool!” outfit, which she helped pick out. 

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