Feathers in her hair

This weekend I decided to channel my inner hippie-Steven Tyler-Penny Lane-Native American and get feathers put in my hair.
I guess you could say this was a trend that was made for me. I’ve always wanted to be a real-life hippie (hence the above Halloween costume five years in a row), my mother gave me her eternal love for Steven Tyler, Penny Lane is pretty much my favorite movie character, and I’ve always been super-intrigued with my family’s Native American heritage, buying anything beaded and “Indian” looking I could since I was a wee one.
Thus, the hair feathering was the perfect ending to soul sister’s bachelorette party weekend at Smith Mountain Lake. 
Three of us even got matching feathers.
They’re hard to see in the pictures, but they’re cool. I promise.
We had been talking about them all day Saturday and how we thought we were totally ready to delve into the feather trend. After a woman complimented on my peacock earrings at the bar, I noticed her hair had the glorious feathers woven throughout. Of course, I told her I loved them and she said, “I do them. Here. Every Sunday.” PERFECTO…
She said tipsy girls are always promising to return the next day and get their hair feathered, (I envision Farrah Fawcett every time I say that) but they never show. We promised we would not stand up “Feathers by Penny” and at 12:00 on the dot, Sunday afternoon, we arrived, and ready for our transformations. 
The hair feathering process only takes about 5 minutes and is painless. I’m actually sad that mine aren’t more noticeable. I’m definitely considering getting more. They’re kind of addictive. Like tattoos (of which I have none…probably a good thing or I’d end up covered). I’m aware the feather trend may only last a season or two, so please don’t make fun of me in five years when I’m still rocking them. Like a good pair of Dingo boots I don’t think this “trend” is going anywhere for me, and like the convertible to the mid-life crisis, the sneaked cigarette to the conservative mother, or your favorite song playing with the windows rolled down, it just feels liberating…
As I enter my 30’s I feel like I’m slowly unleashing the “real me.” It’s taken a long time to realize what makes me feel most comfortable physically and fashionably. I’ve gone through so many phases and have let go of some things that I know are just not “me.” For example, a comfy dress, great pair of jeans, old boots and anything in hand tooled leather are keepers, but all things preppy, Polo, and pink and green, (while madly adorable) are not so much. 
Do you know what a relief it is to just let all that go?
It’s funny how sometimes the smallest things can help one identify with their authentic self and I am happy to say I am getting closer…
one blog post, one green door, and one feather at a time.

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