Beautiful Things: Sundance

*I have been drafting this post for weeks and since I have been super-busy lately with finishing the yearbook at school and haven’t had time to blog, I will just go ahead and publish. Enjoy!

I kinda wanted to start this post with “sh*$ I want,” but since the in-laws are readers, I thought I’d keep it tame 😉

So I realize it’s a “sin” to be ill with want.
Been there, written that.
I realize I don’t NEED any of this stuff.
But I also realize I shouldn’t have to put a disclaimer on blog posts to make myself feel less guilty.
Hi, my name is PJH and I love beautiful things. 
Whaddaya know?
It’s no secret that I like to shop and have a lot of things I don’t really need, persay. But it doesn’t stop me from


As evil and “sinful” as it may be. 
Here are a few beautiful things I am WANTING right now. 
So, shoot me.
Sundance Stuff: I learned about this site from a blog I follow, a room somewhere (who does a “What I Wore Wednesday” post full of her Anthropologie meets Old Navy wardrobe, which I love). She featured this crochet skirt and I die…
This look, however “in” it may be right now, will never be “out” for me. I love the skirt, the boots, the cardigan, the belt…the whole thing screams “my utopia in the mountains” which I love.
The site has a whole section called “Everything Frye.”
Ahhh. Heaven for this sister.
If only I could afford “everything Frye” and all would be right in my own little bubble of fashion.
I will take these please:
That’s all for now, but I am sure there will be more to come soon from this Shopgirl. 

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