30 Balloons

On Saturday I celebrated my 30th birthday in style…

My hubby and good friend, Emily, planned a “legendary” fiesta themed party, complete with a tent, balloons…

…a pinata, chicken fajitas (my fav. food), and Emily’s to-die-for homemade guacamole.
I was in heaven!

Everyone worked SO hard to make it a perfect day…and it was!
Ben and his family even constructed what I like to call The Biggest Tent Known to Man to keep us dry during the party. Ben also hung pretty lights and also did about a hundred other projects outside to “make it beautiful…” literally.

We decorated the inside with some pictures from my childhood that my mother had used at my bridal shower (almost seven years ago!)

I dressed AJH up in her first Matilda Janeoutfit (we’ve been saving it for a special occasion) and the bonnet she got from my grandmother for Easter.

I looked at her and said, “She is exactly what I have always imagined my little girl to be.” There is no better birthday present than to see my dreams come true in the physical form of a daughter.

Our little family…

I had best friends from college drive long distance to be there…

Both ALM, and KKW (as well as my sis, T.) were also in my wedding.
You can see K’s sweet post about the day here!

There is nothing like spending time with best friends and “souls sisters”!

The pinata was very festive…

…but a bit harder to bust than I expected!

Henry wanted to help, of course. He did not get away empty-handed, though. Throughout the night he had five brownies and one whole loaf of homemade bread…

A great time was had by all…


And of course, I was very much in my element!

If you’re wondering about my outfit…
DRESS: Ryu “Heirloom” dress in brown, found at Urban Gypsy
SHOES: Michael Kors via T.J. Maxx
RING: “Mother of Pearl” ring by Pandora (my push present)

Thank you so much to all of those who were able to make it, including my mom, dad, sisters and brother, and my special long distance friends, and all of those who helped out! I felt very loved!

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