If there’s a will, there’s a way: Meet Clara and Sophie

I have been SO inspired by Nella’s ONEder fund and baby Cliffy being adopted that I can’t stop thinking about the faces of Reece’s Rainbow.
In particular, these two…

 Meet Clara  and Sophie.

Born only days apart from my own daughter.
Precious and perfect and in need of a forever family.

Clara has congenital malformation of the central nervous system, cerebral hernia, hydrocephaly subcompensated, and flail legs.

Sophie has down syndrome and many other special needs.

Both currently have $0 in their adoption grant fund.

But not for long…

We’re gonna help ’em.

Make it Beautiful has teamed up with the amazing ministry of  Reece’s Rainbow to be a “New Years Warrior” for both precious girls who will be turning one this March, just like AJH.We are sponsoring them to raise as much money as possible to go toward their adoption. All donations will go directly into each child’s adoption grant fund, not the general Reece’s Rainbow fund, making it that much easier for their future family to bring them home. As I’ve said before, not all of us are called to adopt a baby, but we are all called to love… and help.
Our goal is to raise $1,000 for each child by their first birthdays.

Keep posted for guest bloggers, vendor specials, buttons for your blog and more! Until then, pass it on. Spread the word. If every Facebook fan on my Make it Beautiful page gives $5 for each girl we will meet our goal of raising $1,000 per child. Please help in any way you can and let’s give these babes the best birthday ever.

To see Clara’s profile, click below:

To See Sophie’s profile, click below:
{If there’s a will there’s a way..let’s MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL for their first birthdays}

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