Random Rituals + Etiquette

 We have a new morning ritual…
 Eating crackers in bed.
It’s pretty awesome.
Read more about it here on my fun little side blog with two friends across the country.
We also have a new afternoon ritual…
 Long walks in the neighborhood.
Which are equally awesome on days when the temps are well into the 80’s
with a cool breeze.
You can tell our girl is lovin’ some summer-time weather.
She literally sat in her “chill pose,” laid back with her leg up, singing along with the birdies the entire walk.
And I don’t know about you, but in our circle of friends there are babies galore. In fact one of our close friends gave birth just a few days ago to an adorable little boy so when I came across this very helpful article via Dear Baby today it was very fitting. I think everyone should read it before going to visit a new mama. If you’re not a mama yet, you will probably read it and think, “This is so ridiculous…I know my friends will want me to stay more than 15 minutes…” but trust the author when she says, “…the mother is recovering physically, either from a surgical birth, or from the equivalent of a triathlon where the prize was a grapefuit sized head flying out of her vagina.  Either of these things makes you sore and tired. They would like to see you, but don’t want to be tired out by a long visit.”
Very informative!
Hope you can enjoy some crackers in bed, long walks and new babies this week.
Love, P

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