Friday Playlist +Fashion Parade

I typically listen to my QuickMix Pandora station through my phone, day in and day out at work. My students pretend to dig it, and some of them actually do. Since I teach primarily writing classes, we spend a lot of time listening to music and writing. Of course, I have it going non- stop during my planning period. I just realized today that is no longer blocked on my school computer! Yipee! I am so excited to finally stop using my phone and have more options from the real website.
If you’re interested, these are the stations that make up my QuickMix (oldest one added is listed first):
Jack Johnson
The Avett Brothers
Mumford & Sons
Moonlight Mile (Rolling Stones Song)
Van Morrison
Sons of Bill
Goose Creek Symphony
Janelle Monae
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes
Zac Brown Band
Nicki Minaj
Heavenly Lullabies Children Music
From this list of artists/songs/genres that make up my QuickMix these are my favorite songs I’ve heard this week. Some are classics, some are new, some are new takes on classics. I love them all. Click the link to watch the videos on YouTube, if available. 
Enjoy and add some of them to your own QuickMix!
1. Boss DJ, Sublime
2. Heartbeats, Jose Gonzalez
3. Rivers of Babylon, Sublime
4. Sweet Child ‘O Mine, Guns and Roses
5. When I Drink, The Avett Brothers
6. Dream On, Aerosmith
7. Hiroshima, Ben Folds
8. True Affection, The Blow
10. What Makes the Irish Heart Beat, Van Morrison
11. Jealous Guy, John Lennon
12. When U Love Somebody, Fruit Bats
13. A Pirate Looks at Forty, Jimmy Buffett or this version by Roger Creager
14. Blue Sky, The Allman Brothers
15. If you Want to Sing Out, Sing Out, Cat Steven

*bonus songs* added Friday afternoon

Close to Me, The Cure
Orphan Girl, Gillian Welch

What’s your favorite?


You guys asked for it… so here is more of my Fashion Parade! Some of you suggested I do this daily, rather than weekly, and since my brain works better that way, I think I’m gonna give it a go. Here is my outfit from Thursday since I didn’t add it to yesterday’s post and I don’t want to wait until next week to post!
Someone asked me if I get stressed out in the mornings, knowing I’m going to be posting everything on my blog. I replied that I was too rushed to think about my blog in the mornings and normally just hope to find something clean that matches and is somewhat appropriate. I am still in a very “in between” post-baby phase with some clothes too big, and some too small so I normally just go with whatever fits and makes me feel comfortable.

When: Thursday, March 24th

Where: Work (teaching high school), then dinner banquet
What: An outfit to take me from day to night
Dress: made by Soprano found at T.J. Maxx this season
Sweater: from Express in ivory, winter 2011, similar to this one
Leggings: from Old Navy in brown
Boots: Made by Coconuts and found at T.J. Maxx, fall 2010 for only $40. Coconuts can also be found at Piperlime.
I’ve gotten lots of compliments on these and have been told they look a lot more expensive than what I paid. These and my Target boots have been my “go-to” pieces this winter.
Earrings: found at Rugged Wearhouse years ago
I think I could’ve used a necklace, but it’s hard to pull it all together in the mornings with a baby! Sometimes for school I also tend to just go really basic and don’t like to get too crazy since I’m working with high school kids, though it’s nice to at least make an effort. I also tried the straight across bangs today, which changes things up. I love the versatility of bangs…I can pull them back, wear them to the side, or go all Kelle Hampton if I’m in the mood.

When: Friday, March 25th: Blue and White spirit day
Where: Work (teaching high school)
What: Casual Friday with dirty hair and my new fav. cardy
Tank top: Ralph Lauren found at Polo outlet many seasons ago
Cardigan: Old Navy V-Neck cardigan in gray combo, spring 2011
(love the color and it’s sooo soft)
Jeans: Seven For All Mankind, Dojo shorter inseam wide leg
Tennis shoes: New Balance found at T.J. Maxx, this season, similar to these but in pink
Earrings: large (fake) pearls

The rule for Fridays is if we wear jeans, we’re supposed to wear blue and white, our school colors. I almost made it today

Happy Friday and leave me a comment with your favorites…

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