Finding Balance

Where there is yin, there must be a yang out there somewhere, right?
Yesterday I was sad. I missed my daughter and I felt very “un-mommylike.”
But I got many encouraging and supportive messages and today I am feeling better.
I had friends tell me they have felt the exact same way I felt last night, while others told me they love the structure and business of being at work and are much better moms because of it.
While it’s hard for me to be away from AJH during the day, I realize that I am doing my best, and I am doing it for her. I am providing her with a stable home, health insurance and the neccessities of life like food, diapers and (super cute) clothes.
And as I reflect on my time spent away from her, I realize that it could be a lot worse.
I love my job. This semester I am teaching two elective classes: Advanced Composition and Photojournalism. My dream classes. The students are amazing. They inspire me everyday with their writing and support of one another. If you want to see examples, check out my class blog and take a look at some of their work by browsing the links in my “student blogs” sidebar. Read not only what they’ve written, but what they have commented to one another.
It makes me smile
Some days I am going to be sad.
Being away from AJH is going to be unbearable.
But I am going to make the best of it. I am going to do all I can to be there for the kids I am teaching and revel in the fulfillment this job brings.
And, of course, I am going to appreciate little moments like this even more.
(she really likes my undies…uh oh)

Now for a random topic: did anyone watch Oprah yesterday? Though it got interrupted for a special report about Egypt, I was able to see that her staff went on a Veganism challenge for a week. I am very inspired to try this again after a two-week attempt at 8 months pregnant, though I must report today was an epic fail as I slammed a sloppy joe, coleslaw and some bright orange jello.

There’s always tomorrow.

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And, finally, I want to spread the word on another awesome giveaway I saw today. Visit A Perfect Lily for the Pure Love Giveaway in which you can win an I-PAD among tons of other cool things just by donating to one of the three sponsored Reece’s Rainbow kids. Read her blog post for more details and good luck!
Happy Hump-day!
(I hate that phrase).

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