Where are You Now? Part 1

from Writing and Being, chapter 1

You will be writing on loose paper rather than in your journal, so you can seal these pages in an envelope. Title the entry: “Letter to Myself.”

During this time, reflect on the following questions and write down whatever comes along for you. These questions address issues that will be explored in greater detail as you go on in your daily journal writing.


How are you feeling about yourself right now? What things about yourself do you feel good about? What things about yourself do you feel “unhappy” about right now? In what ways do you feel yourself changing or wanting to change?

How does your  past feel to you? How much “weight” from the past do you feel you carry wtih you now? does your past feel “light” or “heavy”? Where is the weight of the past coming from? What are you angry about from your past? What regrets do you have? What would you like to let go of?

What do you value in your life now? In what kinds of things do you find meaning, value and purpose? What matters? Who matters?

What are your dreams, goals, needs? In what directions do you need to go with your life?
What are your spiritual beliefs now?
When you are finished , fold the pages like a letter, seal them in an envelope, and write your name on the outside. Put the envelope in a drawer where you can find it when you finish your current journal. you can then read it–like a letter from someone you once knew–and reflect up on changes and growth in your writing and being.

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