Happiness Is…Fall Edition

Happiness is…

big sister reading to little sister. 

She’s making up a story about Granny and Pops and a little boy crying (who happens to be Charlie Brown)…and it.is.awesome.This is the same book that actually started this “Happiness Is…” series and it’s one of her favorites.

Hattie is clearly unimpressed 🙂


Happiness is…

the arrival of fall. 

AKA: Boot weather

I have a slight obsession with boots. Especially Frye boots. Beautiful, beautiful leather.

Fall is also famous for…

Football season

Go Hokies!

Fall Fashions

We love denim vests. And boots. Lots and lots of boots.

Baseball Playoffs

AJH loves the Michael Morse Bobble Head doll. She calls him “the little boy.” Congrats on the Nats making it to the playoffs!

First Day of School

Somebody is LOVING pre-school.



Happiness is…

a smiling baby.


Especially after six weeks of crying!


What is making you happy these days?

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