So…it’s been almost two months since I’ve written, which is not like me at all! In the past two months, a lot has been going on, and for those that haven’t heard the news, we are very proud to say that we are going to be parents! I am about 9 weeks pregnant and our expected due date is March 20, 2010: the first day of spring, which is very fitting for me! As most of you know, we had been trying for about a year, so we feel truly blessed right now and are enjoying every minute, even the nausea and exhaustion.

As I write this, I must add a disclaimer: please excuse all typos and spelling mistakes over the next seven months…one of the reasons I haven’t written yet is because I have been either too exhausted or my brain has been too fried to put two and two together.

I have been doing a lot more updating on our baby website: Feel free to follow that for more pictures, and baby related stuff. The above picture is from our seven-week sonogram, which was purely amazing. The heartbeat was 162, which is a little on the fast side. Some say that could mean it’s a girl, but I think it’s just taking after his/her momma–already high strung!

I promise to try and keep up with our family blog a little more, especially as I get some more energy!! Please keep us in your prayers!

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