Happiness Is…Strawberry Pickin’

We have a little book called Happiness is a Sad Song and every night AJH likes to pick it up out of the hundreds of books on our shelves, take the cover off and inspect it.

It’s not as depressing as it sounds…the book was actually published as part of the Peanuts Happiness Isseries and includes many adorable metaphors for happiness, including one of my favorites, “Happiness is a side dish of french fries.”

I might even start my own Happiness Is…series on the blog, beginning with this gem…

Happiness Is…

Strawberry Picking!

AJH has been talking about going strawberry pickin’ for months now.

It all started with this video, Caillou Goes Strawberry Picking.

We’ve watched it over. and over. and over. The whole family knows it by heart.

It was pure bliss watching what she thought was only available on a computer screen come into fruition.

In fact, on the way there she didn’t understand why we were pointing to a farm and not my iPhone screen when we said we were almost to “Strawberry Picking”…kind of scary (but that’s a whole different post)!

We’re lucky enough to live five minutes from a lovely strawberry patch in the picturesque setting of our Shenandoah Valley.

And we even got to ride on a wagon!!

(Can you tell mommy’s smile is hiding a slight twinge of “I-must-find-a-bathroom-as-soon-as-we-get-off-this-wagon”?)

When Ben was a kid, he and his family were close enough to walk to the famous patch from their home. His mom, AJH’s “Granny,” came along to show us the ropes.

She was in heaven!

Pure happiness.

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