Beautiful Things

So, I have been seeing a lot of beautiful things lately and thought I’d share. 
1. I LOVE this dress. After seeing it on two friends in pictures on Facebook I finally found the brand and where to buy it, but unfortunately, it’s SOLD OUT (of course, because it’s so beautiful). So, if anyone knows where I can get my hands on one, let me know. I just love the fabric and think it’s so bright and summery. 
One-shoulder floral ruffle dress in yellow, MM Couture by Miss Me
2. Emerson Made. I ran into this site while reading NieNie’s blog and love everything it has to offer, especially this beautiful floral necklace. If you don’t know about NieNie, you should read her story.
3. Also found on NieNie’s blog was this beautiful necklace from The Vintage Pearl. NieNie’s says, “I love Christian” for her husband.
I am thinking about getting it in silver.
I love that it has a mother of pearl because Ben gave me this Pandora mother of pearl ring for my “push present.” 
Don’t you love looking at beautiful things?

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