Boyfriend Jeans? (and homage to Tori)

So, for every serious post, I must do something a bit more lighthearted and superficial. That is me: a very complicated dichotomy between deep thinker and fashion lover…just kidding. But, as I ponder the fifty meaningful things I believe in, I can’t help but wonder….is one of them boyfriend jeans?

(Yes, that is how my brain works.)

So, what do others think? To quote my fashion muse (and basically life-coach) sister, Tori, they are, “Hideous on Katie Holmes, but cute on some.”

Side-note: What I love about the relationship I have with my sister is that I can randomly text her for her take on everything from budding jean trends, to pop musicians, and I will get extremely insightful and serious responses that always amaze me.

Exhibit A: After being disappointed in one dressing room after another, I finally asked Tori, “What is the hype on skinny jeans? No matter how many I try on, they are just not appealing on me.” She responded with, “I like skinny, but apparently guys don’t think they are flattering. Boyfriends think their girls gain 20 lbs. when they wear them!”

(Point taken! Why be fashionable, when it’s just not cute?)

Exhibit B: I have been known to sing along to overplayed radio songs, like “I’m Yours,” only to catch myself needing Tori’s sensibility to reel me back in. When I asked for her take on Jason Mraz, I got, “He’s okay, but he needs to lose the fedora and some of the skatting.”

(Hey, that’s exactly what I was thinking!)

Exhibit C: While inadequately trying to tease my hair one evening, I wrote her asking, “How do you achieve the perfect bouffant?” I immediately received, “Stick with the crown of your head to avoid Winehouse, scrunch and tousle to avoid Palin (hers is too neat) and tease small sections with short strokes for perfection.”

(Pure GENIUS!)

Tori: she is the Rachel Zoe to my Nicole Ritchie (pre the raisin-face name-calling), the Edie Sedgewick to my Andy Warhol, the Marianne Faithful to my Mick Jagger.

She may be my “little sister,” but she continuously keeps me grounded and I will always look up to her.

But, back to the jeans—here is the sloppy, tight-rolled, almost “Hammer-pants” version that we don’t like:

And here is what I am considering…the AG, ex-boyfriend jean.

Now that I think about it, I may have been a bit before my time when I cut off my favorite early-high school, thrift-store Levi’s (see similar example below). When I tried to wear them post college (yes, they fit MUCH differently at that point!)Ben informed me that they had transformed into “mom jeans” because of the 9-inch zipper (again, see below). (I guess they didn’t make “low-riders” in the seventies, but that’s what makes them vintage!) I am sure they are still packed away in some under-bed crevice of our home, though I am not sure I’d be able to squeeze one leg into them at this point in my life.

Maybe that means it’s time to update my boyfriend jeans collection.

So, ladies, what about the rest of you? To believe or not to believe in the jean?

After reveling in all of my sister’s previous advice, I say:


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