Oh, How Pinteresting! Wednesday #3

Here are some of my favorite things on Pinterest this week:

Beautiful Places and Spaces:

I love this mystical little nook!
Books to Read:

Last week I mashed peas into yogurt. There has got to be a better way! Any advice on getting my little one to eat her veggies?
 Beautiful Clothes:

I am obsessed with this dress. Hard core. Where could I wear it? I need an excuse to buy ASAP!
Fun Stuff for Kids:

 I am saving up to buy this cute little kitchen for AJH. I love the vintage look and the fact that it will match our own home!

Wedding Dresses I love:

I know this dress could come off more “doily” than darling, but I can’t help but love it. I am very into all of the embellishments on the gowns in Claire Pettibone’s Couture bridal line, making them so ethereal and fairy-like.

What’s your favorite pin this week? Link up with The Vintage Apple and show them off!


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