Mamaw’s Care Package

Mamaw, my dad’s mother, is the queen of care packages and cards. When she sends something, she really goes all out. I have written about her well-stickered envelopes and adorable cards in the past, and this package is no different. In the massive, well-wrapped box was a special gift bag “just for the baby” with a beautifully soft white blanket, a CD of lullabies for baby, a wearable sleep blanket, and a grooming ring with safety clippers, thermometer, brush and comb. She also sent me a few of my favorite things: a pretty picture frame, a pink nightgown, and in typical Mamaw-fashion, bendy straws and fancy toothpicks, little kitchen luxuries she overheard me gushing over last time she saw me. Of course, she didn’t forget Ben. She sent him sports magazines that he would never splurge on for himself. I thought it would be nice to chronicle all of the awesome gifts we get for Baby Halterman, and also send a special THANK YOU to Mamaw and Papaw! Love ya!

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