Beautiful Sister

I recently got to spend the whole day with my beautiful younger sister, NGH. We had a big time. We started by eating lunch at Chick-Fil-A and then headed to T.J. Maxx where we spent 3 HOURS shopping. We had so much fun trying on clothes and I loved helping her pick out new outfits.
She really branched out and tried some new styles, and of course, with her long legs and model figure, she looked gorgeous in everything she put on.
She found she has a new love for rompers and gladiator sandals, and she can totally pull it off. 
She was so excited about her new things that she went in to the dressing room at the store and changed after we paid!
She also talked me into getting some gold, T-strap sandals, even though I was a little skeptical. She said they were much more stylish than my Rainbow flip flops and so I gave it a whirl. After our shopping excursion we went for an amazing pedicure and couldn’t wait to show off our new shoes and beautiful toes!
 All in all, it was a beautiful day and I wish we could do it more often!

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