The power of a dress

First, thank you for all of the love and support after Friday’s post. It was hard to write but I needed to do it. I find healing through not only writing, but through sharing and connecting with others. A lot of my feelings of grief seemed to hit yesterday morning, which I expected with it being Mother’s Day. I just felt all around sad. It was really nice having my sister in town, who talked me through everything and helped me get from Point A (sad, unmotivated and BLAH) to Point B (positive, motivated and DOLLED UP). 

I had a baby shower to attend and though I was nervous I might have a sob-fest in the middle of all the talk of babies and pregnancy, I thought really hard about it and suddenly my attitude changed. I realized that if anything could make me feel better about my current situation, celebrating a new life was it. How could I wallow in the misery of losing my pregnancy when a close friend was blessed with the  miracle of becoming a mother (and it truly is a miracle)? The shower was lovely and fun and it felt good to get out and see close friends on a very special day. My sister “styled me” to a T and I wish I could hire her to be my very own Rachel Zoe. We pulled out my inner Charlotte from Sex and the City with this outfit, and I couldn’t help but think of the episode in which she suffers from a miscarriage and finds the thestrength to attend Brady’s first birthday party after watching the E! “True Hollywood Story of Elizabeth Taylor.” Dressing like the legendary fashion icon gave her the oomph she needed to get out of bed and get her groove back!
My sis, T. has a knack for fashion and we have grand plans with our soul sister to make some of these dreams come true….stay tuned!
Here are the details on my outfit:
When: Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where: Baby Shower

What:Vintage mama
Dress: Vintage, from this shopping excursion in my favorite antique store
Cardigan: Ross or T.J. Mazz, a few years old
Shoes: Jessica Simpson, via T.J. Maxx, summer of 2010
Purse: Vintage, from Ebay
Thank you for all of the well wishes and to my amazing friends and family for the flowers, care packages, food and fellowship! Love.

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