The Sweetest Gift

I think I have the most beautiful mother in the whole world.
“It was a halo bright
Sent down from heaven’s light…
…The sweetest gift…
…A mother’s smile.”
I remember my mother singing this to me as a child and thinking it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard. I’d give anything to hear her sing it again RIGHT NOW. Maybe she can make that happen next time I see her, which will hopefully be soon. No matter that I am almost thirty years old, I miss her like crazy and hate that she and my family live 2 hours away. I’m praying that they will be able to move down here to our neck of the woods VERY soon. 
This song captures what being a mother is all about…unconditional love.
Take a listen, and as I said on Facebook last night,
if this doesn’t make you wanna kiss your momma, nothing will! 
The Sweetest Gift–The Judds
One day a mother
Come to a prison
To see an ‘erring
But precious son
She told the warden
How much she loved him
It did not matter
What he had done
She did not bring to him
(Bring to him)
Parole or pardon
(Pardon free)
She brought no silver
(Brought no gold)
No pomp nor style
(Him to see)
It was a halo
(Halo bright)
Sent down from heaven
(Heaven’s light)
The sweetest gift
(A mother’s smile)
Her boy had wandered
Far from the far side
Though she had pleaded
With him each night
But not a word did
She ever utter
That told her heartaches
Her smile was bright
(Repeat Chorus)
She left a smile
You can remember
She’s gone to heaven
From heartache’s free
Them bars around you
Will never change her
He was her baby
An error will be
(Repeat Chorus)
It was a halo bright
Sent down from heaven’s light
The sweetest gift
A mother’s smile

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