My Sweetest Gift

On Sunday I wrote about my mother’s smile as “The Sweetest Gift.”
My little munchkin gave me a pretty sweet gift on Mother’s Day, too…
She walked all the way across the room by herself!
She has done a few steps here and there but this was the first time she ventured that far all alone.
I couldn’t quite catch the whole thing on video, but here are a few little snippets.
Overthe weekend she also learned to say “puppy” and “Abby” (the name of hercousin’s new yellow lab puppy), which basically sound a lot alike.
Shehas also been saying “ball” a lot and loves to play ball with anyoneand everyone who will join in the fun. I definitely need to get this onvideo because it’s very cute and sounds more like “bawww.”
Shealso learned to complete the phrase “Get ready, get set….” from hercousin, Betsy. She loves to scream “GO!” which comes from watching her favorite song on “The Cat and the Hat.”She also laughed her little heart out with the help of her aunt and cousin.

This is definitely a fun stage and everyday is full of new adventures.

I’vealso been meaning to post how impressed I’ve been with her “toughness”lately. In the past few weeks she has done the following with no tearsor squirming (which is a miracle if you know how “active” she is):
1. Getting her finger pricked at the Dr. office.
2. Getting blood drawn for her anemia test. They had to stick a needle inher hand for thirty seconds! (She is mildly anemic so we have to giveher yucky iron drops).
3. Getting a splinter pulled out of her foot.
Sheis a bit like her momma in that she kind of “spazzes” at little things(like not getting her dinner at the exact moment she becomes hungry)but she takes the bigger things in stride. I’ve learned the older Iget, I can handle the “big” things if I have some preparation, but the little things are what often get me. I’m doing better, but there arestill times when I freak over not finding matching socks.
Happy day. 

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