Beautiful Weekend

We had a very eventful and fun weekend! It began Friday with Murphy Summer Madness, the biggest party to ever hit Mt. Sidney! Ben’s dad planned this huge event at their office to network and promote their businesses, Village Bank Mortgage and Murphy Business Brokerage. AJH hung in there and partied the night away. She always amazes us with her ability to adapt and have fun in every situation, even at only three months old. 
With Mommy, staring at something on the ground:
 With Daddy, still staring:
 Keeping cool in her shades:
There was a great turn out with delicious food, cold beverages and fun music by Bennie Dodd. Our good friend, Valerie McQueen, even stepped in to sing a few songs. 
We always have a great time together and I’m so glad she moved to our little town. 
I was very happy I also got to work with her on Saturday at Christopher William Jewelers for their big Customer Appreciation event. It was a very successful day and it was fun to be back in the store with good friends. After work we hit up Massaki in Staunton for some delicious sushi with the other ladies from the store and then I headed back to be with Ben and AJH for a cookout at Molly and Ryan’s.

 Once again, AJH hung in there and was the best little girl.
On Sunday we were off for more fun at the Charlottesville Roanoke College Alumni picnic and wine tasting at King Family Vineyards in Crozet. It was so great to see old friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery. 
Ben is holding the right corner of the banner:

When we got home on Sunday, we took a short nap and then our power went out. It quickly got very hot so we took a family trip to the air conditioned Subway and then walked around the shaded trails at Grand Caverns in Grottoes. Henry is learning to walk on a leash, and did  a pretty good job. He REALLY wanted to jump in the river, but we didn’t let him this time. We’ll definitely have to bring him back for a swim sometime this summer. It was great to have some family time, just the four of us after a very long, busy weekend. Now we’re looking forward to next weekend for one of our favorite holidays–the 4th of July. I hope AJH likes the fireworks!!

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