I have been pretty inspired by the blog, The Extraordinary Ordinary, lately.

Today she wrote,

“I had breakfast with a dear friend of mine on Sunday. She’s never been a big social media fan but she admitted that she poured her heart out online recently and that it made her understand why I do what I do.  She said she just simply felt better, after her words were released, transparently and whole-heartedly.
It seems strange to say that something spiritual happens when a person does that on the Internet, but I think it does.  I don’t think it matters where we tell our truths, there is always freedom and connection in it.  Even from behind a screen where all people can really see of our lives is our words and a few carefully chosen photos.
…Please know, I realize people’s lives don’t revolve around these connections and shouldn’t.  I’m just simply acknowledging that there is chemistry here, zaps of light and validation and divine intervention between us all. Not in just this one place, but all over the worldwide interweb.  So it’s hard for any blogger to close up shop or take a break or start over.  It feels like an abrupt halt to being a part of something bigger than ourselves. And we all really really need to be a part of something bigger than ourselves in as many ways as we can.“  -From this post

This pretty summarizes why I do what I do. I (we) write and share because it simply makes us feel better…even if no one reads it, even if it’s not considered “good writing,” even if it’s sometimes silly.

Isn’t that enough?

And this quote from this post:
“…there are always only two choices…fear or faith.

I want to choose faith, and I think that means not only hoping, but truly believing, because there’s a difference between the two. It’s just a really subtle and utterly important difference.”

This reminds me of one of my favorite authors and spiritual leaders, Marianne Williamson, whose spirituality can be summarized with this phrase: I believe in love, not fear. It is only with love that fear can be pushed aside, making room for faith.

Thank you to Writing My Way Sober for letting us know about this inspiring blogging gem.
Pictures coming soon of AJH and fashion,
but for now,
I want to linger in the
and the faith.

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