Does Fish Oil Contain Heavy Metals?

We all know that Fish Oil has countless benefits. You can boost heart health, fight minor inflammation, keep those joints moving, and reclaim that youthful glow with the triple strength blend of DHA and EPA fatty acids.
One of my potential customers had a burning question about our It’s Vital Omega-3 supplement before she was ready to purchase!
Q: “Are our Omega’s free of heavy metals?!!!”
Well, to be honest, I wasn’t sure! I emailed our product coach and got this answer:
A: “The oil is derived from small cold water fish such as anchovies and sardines. These small fish propagate like crazy and don’t live very long life spans in turn they do not have problematic concentrations of metals that are sometimes found in the larger fish. The fish oil is molecularly distilled. The Omega 3 is triple molecularly distilled. Our Omega-3 formula is comprised of 100% pure pharmaceutical grade fish oil and is free of mercury and other contaminants.”
Along with superior strength, fish oil-derived fatty acids, It’s Vital Omega-3 also adds a purifying rosemary-based antioxidant blend to fight the effects of free radicals—all in an easy-to-swallow softgel with a hint of lemon flavor.
Whew…so glad to know that information and glad I can trust our supplements!
it's vital omega 3 fish oil

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