Suggestions welcome

This is an in-between post for an in-between day.
Not quite Friday, I’m just kinda
For some fun
or something.
I’ve been working on my weekly fashion parade for next Wednesday
and my Friday Playlist post which I think is a fun tradition I’d like to keep up.
But what about today? Not much going on
but these are some things on my mind.
And suggestions are welcome.
1. Should I do a daily fashion post rather than putting them all together once a week? Would that get annoying? Would they fit daily into my normal posts? Hmm, please give your thoughts.
2. Should I give my baby whole milk in a cup and take away her bottle soon? I am lost on this one. But not really. I’ve done my research. I think I know the answer but I’m afraid to go against THE MAN. The MILK man to be exact. More to come.

3. More on the milk topic…could I be lactose intolerant? My mom recently told me I rejected milk as a baby. I projectile vomited formula until I was about one and then refused to drink milk in general. I still refuse to drink it. But I love cheese, and especially sour cream. But my stomach hurts almost constantly, and particularly after I eat dairy. I’ve been wondering for years now what causes the stomach issues…is it anxiety? Meat? Gluten? Dairy? I’ve never eliminated anything long enough to figure it out. Looking back, that makes me seem pretty stupid. Hmm…maybe it’s time for a change, but how can I deal with giving up my feta? Any suggestions? Should I just give in and go to a nutritionist?

4. What kind of camera should I get? I am in desperate need. Our really nice digital just stopped working (the lens went wacky) and I think it will be too expensive to fix and may as well get a new one, though I’m too lazy to actually check on this and see if it’s even fixable. Of course we realized that it broke the day AFTER our warranty ran out. Typical. I borrow the school yearbook camera a lot, which is nice, (a Canon Rebel XS E0S with a 105 mm lens) but I really want something small that I can just throw into my purse and have on me at all times, but still takes really good, professional-like pictures.  Is that too much to ask ? haha.I am so sick of taking cell phone pictures. Any ideas?

5.I have always been a lover of super-flares and bell-bottoms and had the most perfect pair of vintage, bell-bottom Levi’s in high school that are covered in holes, found at Good Will. They were perfect. I used to wear them with neon tights underneath when I went through what my dad liked to call the “freak phase.” My favorite outfit was the famous jeans, with a thermal shirt under a floral chiffon top from Express and some awesome Lucky work boots.

Here’s a little glimpse of the outfit, fresh from the . Love little T (who hated that jacket) and R (who LOVED his jacket), too. 
I like to call it the “grunge hippie” phase. And I sometimes miss it. 
I was a hippie five years in a row for Halloween for goodness sakes. 
Here is one of my favorite ensembles:
 I would die to still have that dress. It has a beautiful crochet top…ahh.
These jeans are making a “comeback,” though in my eyes they’ve never been out.
And I want some.
Any suggestions on where to find the perfect pair?
I die for this entire outfit. The pretty blouse, simple cardigan, super flares and that amazing, wedgy shoe peeking out.
Image via Peter Stigter
Thank you for your help on this
in-between day with all of my 
in-between thoughts.
xoxo, P

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