Slow Love is Good Love

I just finished reading Slow Love by Dominique Browning for the BlogHer Book Review Program and her romantically poignantwriting has left me feeling quite poetic.   
During this quick read I found myself underlining meaningfulphrases, and scribbling arrows, stars, and other marginalia. While “quick,”I wouldn’t call this an “easy” read as the writing so exquisitely forced me todo exactly what the title implies, slow down and take in every line ofprose as if it were a secret explanation to the mysterious puzzles of my ownlife.
I feel the only way to capture the true essence of thisbook is to give you a glimpse into some of my favorite lines, which tell theperfect story of what it means to find slowlove.
Take joy
Lost love
Longing for safety
Tethered to ambivalence
Fantasies of salvation
Hope for
This is worth thetrouble
I have time forthis
Honest conversation
I am my own case history
Hoping that all will end well
The shadows come into play
Being alive
Find balance
Feel constantly needed
I am on my own
He liked to hold hands
“Why don’t you feel you’re worth it, anyway?”
When we get too attached to suffering,
We use it to avoid our own difficult truths
Take the repeats
I am playing for my own pleasure
I am learning to silence the critic in my head,
The one who will not stop telling me 
that nothing I do isgood enough
I am making peace with the night season
I think more fluidly when I’m moving
When I read,
Everything makes sense
My books start feeling like phantom limbs
I like to rest my eyes on things
Just get the words down,
They can always be changed
There was no longer anyone around
To tell me that I couldn’t
Why aren’t youworth the commitment?
Food is a way to bond with someone else
Kindness to yourself
Why am I fighting my true nature?
Slow cooking
Quickly becomes a happy part of falling in
Slow love
Sometimes it isn’t about you
I had wanted him to know that I needed him—
Without having to ask him to be there
I could only change myself
Everything has gone wrong
And it is just too much
Make it all better
Massive relief
Life has never been more peaceful
I have the illusion that my life is in order
And sometimes that’s as good as it gets
Where doeseverything go?
I’m taking care of myself
So what if it ends?
That doesn’t mean it should never have begun
Things thrive in unlikely places
“What is there to do?”
Nothing to do is not the same as nothing can be done
Anyone with the desire
can cook
So what if it ends?
The adventure was wonderful
There’s more ahead
I love making a home
I no longer want to live a life of expectation
Finding room in my life again for everything I love,
And letting the quiet of solitary moments steal over myheart
Blow out the day’s fears
Home is the place where you feel most alive
And true to yourself
I will make another
I will plant another
“You must reach deeper
You must reach to where the water is still
Then you will move faster.”
A slow flush of love for the world—
The sheer pleasure of being here,
The profound honor of witnessing life.
Love is all around me.
I hope that one of these lines stands out and inspiresyou to read this touching book, as well as help you on your own path to find Slow Love.
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