Make it Beautiful Monday:Things I love

It’s one of those (fairly common) moments in time when I’m overcome with love for SO many things that I am about to burst. My husband often teases me for saying, “OMG, I LOVE this” about anything and everything I see, hear or come into contact with. I like to think I am just “overly passionate.” 
Here is my current list:
1. Matilda Jane: If I had to choose one place to purchase my daughter’s clothes for the REST OF HER LIFE, this would be it. They even have an adult collection for mommy, which is great. The clothes are an  eclectic  mix of unpredictable, vintage, old world, and fun! I got AJH the Chelsea Knot dress from the Platinum Collection because I LOVE IT and $30 of the sale went to the Tiny Sparrow Foundation (a non-profit organization dedicated to providing photography to the families with children who are facing life threatening illnesses). I am saving the dress for a big occasion, and until then it will be hung in her nursery, which it happens to match perfectly 😉
2. Ryu Dresses: I came across this brand while visiting Urban Gypsy, located in the historical Grandin village district of Roanoke. First of all, I LOVED everything in this store from the beautifully crafted cardigans to the old mantles used to display their lovely merchandise. And don’t you love the name? I get bogged down so easily by the thousands of clothing inspirations thrust into my face every day and sometimes a girl just needs fewer options. If I could just buy Ryu dresses for the rest of my life, I think I could make it work…really. They can also be found online at Banana Moon and ModCloth. I got the Heirloom dress in brown (and not for the price on the link!) in hopes to be worn at an upcoming 30th birthday party for a certain someone (me!). 
And yes, my friends, that is Swiss dot taffeta lining the bottom. HEAVEN.
3. Roanoke/Salem: Where Ben and I met, the home of our college, and best friends, Roanoke and Salem have a special place in our heart. Every time we go there it’s like I feel an immediate sense of peace and just automatically CHILL OUT, even with a 100 pound dog and almost mobile baby in tow. We spent a lot of time keeping Henry from eating kiddie toys, and chasing AJH away from the steps, but it didn’t matter. We had so much fun visiting the RC bookstore, seeing the Maroons play basketball, taking long walks and enjoying delicious food and great company. We can’t wait to go back when BRH celebrates his 10 year reunion this April!

 AJH with her new buddy TBP. He probably thinks she’s crazy after this weekend. 
They shared a bath and some very funny things happened that we won’t mention on this blog!
4. B H L D N: So, Anthropologie made a genius move and opened an online bridal store called B H L D N…ahh! I die. It is filled with some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Literally. Okay, I sound like Rachel Zoe. But seriously, the words of a John Keats poem have been brought to life in the form of heirloom like dresses and delicate accessories.  I think we need to plan a vow renewal so I can wear this whole ensemble.
5. Modcloth:I came across this website when searching for Ryu dresses and LOVE it. In the Operation Simplify My Life project I could add this site as a list of one of the only places I’m allowed to shop. It is all things vintage, fun, flirty and unique…like this Bellissima dress.As the ModCloth website says, “Fashion is about wearing pieces that make you feel beautiful in your own skin, and it can be truly delightful when you find them!” I will wait for it to go on sale and hope it’s still in stock! 
6. Sparkly things: I hope we get invited to a huge gala sometime soon (lol) so I can make my big debut in a gown à la Mandy Moore at the Oscars last night. I would pair it with these shoes from B H L D N
7. Simplifying: So, speaking of Operation Simplify My Life, I am finding the older I get the more I realize what I like and the more I want to eliminate what I don’t like. I get very easily overwhelmed (in all areas), especially clothing. I LOVE so many different trends and styles that I get bogged down and end up buying things I regret. When I look into my closet in the morning I get anxious with all the decisions I have. Not because I have so many cool clothes, but because I very rarely get rid of anything. I have dresses, shirts, and shoes from COLLEGE…and they’re not cool. But I always think they may be perfect for the “______” (fill in the blank) occasion in the future. I think my life would be much less stressful if I had fewer choices. From now on I really need to make sure I truly LOVE something before I buy it. No more $7.99 tunics from Ross that are unflattering after one wear or trendy shirts I only wear a few times. I know what I love (see above) and so I must not waste anymore time or money on things that are just okay. I need more of what I love and less of the excess. From now on, these are the only places /brands I am allowed to buy and my goal is quality vs. quantity, even if I have to save up:
-Free People
-local boutiques that sell my favorite brands (I’d rather support a local business anyway)
-Old Navy (for some basics and cheap jeans that actually fit me well from time to time)
-Banana Republic (their shirts are sooo soft)
-Seven for all Mankind (maybe it’s cliche but their jeans really fit me best. I’ve tried them all and these are the most flattering for my body type and worth the money)
-Vintage pieces
-T.J. Maxx (but only the brands I know I love and not the random cheap crap I pick up)
-Target (though not always the best quality, I often find some great, Anthropologie-esque items for a great deal)

wish me luck!

8. Warmer weather: The weather here is crazy…it goes from 70 degrees to 30 in a matter of hours, but we’re soaking up the sun when we can. AJH got to have her first swing ride this weekend and she loved it. I am really looking forward to more times in the sun…walking, swinging, playing in the park and watching her as she slowly learns to walk. She’s almost there!

 That’s enough for today…
Stay tuned for an awesome giveaway starting tomorrow!

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