Make it Beautiful Monday: Beautiful Blessings

So many beautiful things are happening that I’m bursting at the seams!
First, Kelle Hampton has not only reached but EXCEEDED her goal of raising $63,000 ($5 per blog follower) for the NDSS through Nella’s OneDer fund! She has raised $68,000 as of Monday morning and has upped her goal to $75,000. As of now she has raised more money than major corporations such as Toys R Us! Don’t be shy…if you haven’t donated, go for it and let’s get this girl on Oprah! I got AJH this tutu from Loving Shop in royal blue and white so she can cheer on her daddy in style as he coaches his basketball games. 10 % of the proceeds go to Nella’s OneDer fund, so if you’ve had a hankering for a tutu, this is your chance!
Next, remember Baby Cliffy? Jeannett from Life Rearranged told his story back in December, and hoped to raise $20,000 for Reece’s Rainbow to help cover his adoption costs. Well, guess what….he is being adopted!!! Please check him out on the “My Family Found Me” page at Reece’s Rainbow. Thank you to all who donated. There is no doubt that the $9,418.52 that has been raised toward the cost of his adoption truly made a difference in him finding a “forever family.” If you haven’t donated to Reece’s Rainbow, please consider doing so and helping one of these miracle children get the home they deserve!
I feel very passionate about both of these causes. I will never forget being ten years old watching a special about Eastern European orphanges on Dateline. I cried for the babies stuck in cribs with no one to love them. For one of the first times in my life, I felt completely helpless. I wanted to go get them all and bring them back to my warm home immediately. But I was ten. And I didn’t know what to do about it. So I tried to forget, but it’s been in the back of my mind for years. I feel so blessed to have found organizations like Reece’s Rainbow to help some of these babies get adopted. Maybe one day we will be called to adopt, but until then I hope to be able to help as many children as I can by raising awareness, spreading the word, and donating toward their adoption funds. I hope I’ve inspired some of you, too, if not to donate to one of these causes, but something that you feel passionate about…something that’s been pulling at your heartstrings since you were a little girl.
As you can see from both of these fundraisers, one person really can make a difference!
Finally, my last beautiful blessing was be able to spend time with one of my little sisters this weekend for her birthday. We started Friday by going to the amazing Tailgate South concert. Speaking of blessings, it gave me chills to see Tony Lopacinski play for his hometown friends and family in a room completely filled with love. Tori and I really enjoyed the lyrics and all around talent of this group of guys. We know we’ll be hearing many of their songs on the radio very soon.
It was quite magical…
…to be in their presence.
After the concert we were convienently located next door to a quite happening club which got little T’s attention. Being the oldest of four, I have gotten the reputation of being the “grandma” of the bunch, and as I approach 30 I have to say it hasn’t gotten any better. Little T. really wanted to try the nightlife of our small town and was very intrigued by the pumping music and crazy dancers spilling out into the street. I think she’s a city girl at heart. Finally, because it was her birthday weekend, I gave in. My mind was racing with scary thoughts of two girls being out past midnight in a wild club, along with the typical I have a BABY…I’m a TEACHER…I’m OLD… but in the end, I am glad I went. I drank a soda and sat in a booth watching the electric energy of the room. It was quite invigorating to see the “kids” let go and dance their little buns off. The rap music got us thinking of my high school days when I played Master P in my 1990 Nissan Stanza with my softball girls. I guess I rubbed off on T. and we happen to know every word of his Ghetto D album. It doesn’t get much better than “Woodgrain with the leather seats, windows so dark you need a flashlight to see me…” (right, Bob Dylan?)

And we and had a very pecial request for the DJ…
 …but he didn’t speak English and had never heard of our American Master P.
 PS. I can’t get over the cuteness of T’s hand-written note to Mr. DJ.
We had a good time and then headed home, only to stay up until 3 am talking.
My sisters are such a blessing and T. and I have gotten much closer as we’ve gotten older. Our childhood was filled with barbie fights but now we are one in the same. We share the hair inspiration of Isabel Two and can do a rendition of Litte Eva and Big D’s “The Christmas Song” like no other. I only wish she lived closer but I intend on getting her skinny behind down here soon…I think she’ll be an easy convert to the country life.
Today I am counting some blessings…
one for baby Nella, one for baby Cliff and one for my T.
Happy Monday!

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