“In creating she becomes herself, accomplishes her destiny…”

Yesterday my read.write.heal post inspired me to create something. So after picking up some supplies, coming home and putting AJH to sleep, I got to work. As B. and I watched disc four of Lost, season 1 (we’re now a bit addicted) I made my own bib necklace, inspired loosely by a cheap one from Target and all more so by the expensive ones I can’t afford from Anthropologie.
Target necklace on the left, mine on the right.
I also had a student take some shots and do some editing for my Etsy site  (if I decide I can part with it)!
Close-up of my creation
And me modeling my new style, which I like to call “Bohemian Bag Lady”
Dress, and sweater, Target; leggings, Old Navy; boots, T.J. Maxx
If you’re interested in purchasing a necklace, check back to my Etsy site in a few days and I should have a few more options to choose from!

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