Hey, It’s OK…#5

Hey, It’s OK…
…to dress my daughter and myself in matching shoes..as long as they’re leopard print.
…to never actually make any of the crap I pin on Pinterest. (Wait, I made something! See here)
…to have ten different varieties of the same lacy, cream colored shirt. As my awesome little sis would tweet, #sowhatwhocares?
…to admit that I need to step up my game from time to time. (And by “game,” I mean the mommy game, the punctuality game, the cooking game, etc.) Instead of going into a “shame spiral” (as quoted from this week’s Modern Family) I will just say, “Okay, time to step up my game a little bit.” It’s much healthier for me than, “Okay, you suck at life” every time we’re late for music class.
…to be just a little high maintenance. I mean, who am I kidding… A lot high maintenance. I think the hubby appreciates my extra efforts.
…that my 18 month old doesn’t quite understand the whole sharing thing yet. Or is this not okay?
…to not really be into Glee.

Stay tuned next week for a special “family” edition of “Hey, It’s OK…” dedicated to the wild and wonderful childhood my sister and I were reminiscing on via Twitter recently…

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