Free Friday: Reminders and Food for Thought

First, a few reminders:
~Today is the LAST day to enter to win a free, signed copy of Four Word Self Help by Patti Digh. Leave a comment on this post with your own “four word” mantra(s) to be qualified! So far there are some really great entries!The winner will be announced around 4 pm this afternoon.
~If you haven’t donated to help Baby Cliff, please consider doing so. He’s getting closer and closer to reaching the goal of $20,000, but still needs all the help he can get. Remember, he is only ONE of the MILLIONS of orphans in the world. I know so many amazing couples that would love to adopt a baby like Cliff, but feel very intimidated by the daunting costs. Organizations like Reece’s Rainbow help to make adoption possible, giving not only a loving couple the opportunity to become parents, but a beautiful child the opportunity to have a family. I think it’s an amazing idea and was even voted as one of People Magazine’s top Heroes Among Us in February 2010. If you’re feeling sentimental, please take a look at these kids that were adopted in 2009…it will melt your heart with tears and LOVE.
Now, some food for thought. These are things that have been on my mind lately. I don’t have the energy to really delve into each topic at this moment, but they have been on my mind and are some things I’d love to discuss with friends and readers as time goes on. If you have any insight or ideas, feel free to comment!
~Homeschooling: the more I think about this, the more I like it. More to come!
~The Blood Type Diet: Have been researching this and think their actually be some validity. Let me know if you have tried it!
~A new vitamin regimen: I recently spent an hour in the natural food store in our town. I did a bunch of research and got a bunch of new vitamins. Did you know that magnesium deficiency can cause migraines, sensitivity to sound, body odor, bad PMS, anxiety and depression? I’ll let you know how it works!
~Foggy Brain: I apologize for being flighty or “out of it” recently. I’m still dealing with a lot of harsh symptoms from going off of my medicine–not mentally, but physically. Not to discourage anyone, but the withdrawal has been pretty bad. My brain is constantly “zapping” and dizzy and I am hoping and praying it goes away soon. Please forgive me in the meantime for being just a bit “off” (or more “off” than normal!).
And because it’s Friday:
~Take a look at his awesome website with beautiful, FREE holiday blog backgrounds. I love Shabby Blogs!
Finally, if this doesn’t make you laugh/cry/smile…nothing will.
Attempt #1 at Christmas card photo of our “kids” (furball and human)

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