Smothered Enchiladas

I had some ground beef thawed out tonight and wanted to make something NEW and DIFFERENT (besides our normal tacos) so I went searching on Pinterest until I found a recipe that included ingredients I already had in my cabinets. About a year ago we bought a large amount of beef from a local farm and have had it in our freezer for what seems like e-t-e-r-n-i-t-y. It’s nice that we haven’t had to buy meat in a long time, but I’m running out of creative ways to cook it!

Here is a helpful “pin” I found on my search with a whole list of recipes for ground beef:

Ground Beef Recipes


I finally found this one for Smothered Enchiladas…


…and the hubby and I were pleasantly surprised with how it turned out!

Here are my own pictures:

I halved the recipe and still had some ground beef left over. If you wanted to make a healthier version you could use fat-free sour cream for the sauce, rather than the full strength. If I had left out the green chilies it also would’ve been a bit more “kid-friendly.”

Do you have a favorite recipe using ground beef? 

We still have about 10 more bags of ground beef in our freezer, so I need lots of creative ideas!

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